InDesign CC Basic


Product Highlights

  • Building Documents with Master Pages
  • Working with Text and Type
  • Working with Styles
  • Working with Graphics
  • Working with Tables
  • Using Color in Your Documents
  • Applying colors to multiple objects
  • Using Effects
  • Whats New


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Master all aspects of desktop publishing using Adobe InDesign. This course will teach you introductory to advanced topics and help you create professional documents and publications using hands-on examples.The tool works seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, providing a single integrated design environment that doesn’t interrupt your creative process.


Who Should Attend

Creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest and most comprehensive way to learn InDesign CC. Beginner or first-time users mainly graphic designers, creative professionals, print professionals, publishers, prepress professionals, and marketing communications professionals.

Assumed Knowledge

Before taking this InDesign training course, you should have a basic understanding of your computers operating system. For example; you should know how to launch an application, create and save files, and copy files from a USB pen drive and other media.

Each student on this InDesign CC Basic Course will receive:

Adobe certificate of completion

12 months FREE email support

FREE class repeat (if necessary)

Course Notes/Slides

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Indesing CC Banner Training

Introduction to InDesign

■ InDesign tools ■ The InDesign workspace ■ The document window ■ Using guides ■ Viewing modes ■ Working with panels ■ The Tools panel ■ Managing panels ■ Working with the Control panel ■ Saving your workspace ■ Navigating through an InDesign document ■ Using the Pages panel ■ Changing the magni cation of your document ■ Working with type ■ Entering and formatting type ■ Placing and formatting type ■ Flowing type ■ Using styles ■ Applying paragraph styles ■ Applying character styles ■ Applying object styles ■ Working with graphics ■ Placing graphics ■ Positioning graphics within a frame ■ Applying text wrap ■ Understanding layers ■ Applying effects

Building Documents with Master Pages

■ Creating custom page sizes ■ Creating a new custom-sized document ■ Creating and formatting master pages ■ Adding automatic page numbering ■ Basing master pages on other master pages ■ Overriding master page items ■ Adding layout pages ■ Adding images and text to the master frames ■ Applying master pages to multiple pages

Working with Text and Type

■ Adding text to your document ■ Creating a text frame ■ Changing character attributes ■ Changing font and type styles ■ Adjusting size ■ Adjusting line spacing ■ Adjusting character spacing: kerning and tracking ■ Using a baseline shift ■ Changing paragraph attributes ■ Horizontally aligning text ■ Changing the spacing before and after paragraphs ■ Using tabs ■ Adding rules above or below paragraphs ■ Changing text color ■ Creating drop caps ■ Checking and correcting spelling ■ Finding and changing text and text attributes ■ Adding words to the dictionary ■ Checking spelling as you type ■ Automatically correcting spelling ■ Editing text using the Story Editor ■ Drag-and-drop text editing ■ Special characters and glyphs ■ Using the Glyphs panel and glyph sets ■ Text frame options ■ Adjusting text inset ■ Vertically aligning text ■ Importing text ■ Flowing text manually ■ Threading text between frames ■ Using semi-auto flow to link several text frames ■ Changing the number of columns in a text frame ■ Baseline grid ■ Viewing and changing the baseline grid ■ Adding story jumps ■ Using styles to format text ■ Creating a headline and applying a style ■ Redefining styles ■ Type on a path ■ Importing text from Microsoft Word ■ Missing fonts ■ Finding and fixing missing fonts

Working with Styles

■ Style types ■ Paragraph styles ■ Applying a paragraph style ■ Character styles ■ Defining a character style ■ Applying a character style ■ Using nested styles ■ Globally updating styles ■ Loading styles from another document ■ Quick Apply ■ Organizing styles into groups ■ Object styles ■ Defining an object style ■ Applying an object style ■ Changing an object style

Working with Graphics

■ Understanding how InDesign handles graphics ■ Locating missing images ■ Working with the Links panel ■ Customizing the Links panel ■ Adding graphics to your layout ■ Fitting an image within an existing frame ■ Auto Fitting ■ Using Adobe Bridge to import graphics ■ Placing multiple graphics using Mini Bridge ■ Using object styles for images ■ Wrapping text around images ■ Wrapping text around the bounding box ■ Using graphics with clipping paths and alpha channels ■ Removing an image background using InDesign ■ Using anchored objects ■ Advanced importing ■ Importing layered Photoshop files ■ Importing InDesign layouts as graphics

Working with Tables

■ Creating a table ■ Creating new tables ■ Copying and pasting table information ■ Converting text to a table and a table to text ■ Importing a table ■ Editing tables and table options ■ Changing row height ■ Editing the border ■ Formatting rows and columns ■ Using fills ■ Formatting cells and text ■ Resetting the cell styles within a table ■ Text alignment and inset within a cell ■ Formatting text within a cell and saving paragraph styles ■ Formatting text in tables by column ■ Working with tables in Story Editor ■ Merging cells ■ De ning a header cell ■ Setting column and row dimensions ■ Setting a fixed row height ■ Setting column width ■ Using graphics in tables ■ Placing graphics in cells ■ Cell styles and table styles ■ Cell styles ■ Applying cell styles Creating table styles ■ Applying table styles

Using Color in Your Documents

■ Applying colors to frames and text ■ Applying color to text ■ Applying color to frames ■ Applying Live Corner Effects ■ Creating and saving a new swatch ■ Applying strokes to text ■ Creating a tint reduction ■ Making a dashed stroke ■ Creating and saving gradients ■ Linear gradients ■ Saving a gradient ■ Adjusting ll opacity ■ Radial gradient ■ Adjusting the direction of a radial gradient ■ One-click edits ■ Using the Eyedropper tool to copy frame attributes

Applying colors to multiple objects

■ Updating and editing colors ■ Using and saving spot colors ■ Colorising a grayscale image

Using Effects

■ Creative effects ■ Applying opacity to objects ■ Apply effects to stroke or fill only ■ Drop shadow ■ Adjusting effects for objects ■ Bevel and Emboss ■ Object styles with effects ■ Using Find/Change to apply object styles ■ Basic Feather ■ The Gradient Feather tool ■ Converting text to a path ■ Applying blending modes to objects ■ Working with imported les that use transparency ■ Applying an alpha channel selection ■ Applying a path selection

Whats New

■ Mini Bridge ■ Draw multiple frames in a grid ■ Live Corner Effects ■ Multiple Page Sizes ■ The Gap tool ■ Content Grabber ■ Improved Transformations ■ Spanning and Splitting paragraphs ■ Interactive Elements ■ NEW Faster performance ■ NEW Modern UI ■ NEW HiDPI and Retina display support ■ NEW Sync Fonts ■ NEW Instant font preview ■ NEW Font favorites ■ NEW QR Code Creator


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