Quick Adobe Sign Features and Overview

Adobe Sign Features, quick overview

Quick Adobe Sign Features and Overview

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Adobe Sign Features & What you need to know.

Why Adobe Sign?

If you’re not yet familiar with Adobe Sign, this is an electronic signature software that lets you digitally sign documents, request e-signatures from others, track document progress, and maintain detailed audit logs. This offers great benefits to you and your organization, collecting signatures within minutes rather than days speeds up your workflows and makes you more efficient, document tracking and auditing give you greater compliance visibility. Customers can sign with e-signatures or compliant cloud signatures on desktop or mobile with no downloads or signups required.

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Key – Adobe Sign Features

  • Invite signers to complete documents via through email, even if they don’t have an Adobe ID.
  • Request signatures from multiple recipients, in any order, a specific order, or a combination of both.
  • Designate recipients as signers or approvers.
  • Create and share document templates with your team.
  • Record a transaction audit trail for each document.

More ? – What is a Digital Signature?

The difference

Electronic Signature is a digital form of a wet link signature which is legally binding and secure but it does not incorporate any coding or standards. It can be a symbol, image, process attached to the message or document to recognize the identity and to give consent on it. When we need to only verify the document we use electronic signature. The validation of electronic signature is not performed by any trusted certificate authorities or trust service providers so it is not usually authorized. Electronic signature is very easy to use than digital signature but it is less secured and less authentic than digital signature

Digital Signature is a secured signature which works with Electronic signature and rely on Public key infrastructure means it comes with encryption standards. It can be visualized as an electronic finger print which encrypts and identifies a person’s identity. When we need to secure a document we use digital signature. The validation of digital signature is performed by trusted certificate authorities or trust service providers so it is usually authorized. Digital signature is preferred over electronic signature as it is more secured and more authentic than the electronic signature.

Third Party Integrations

E-signature software becomes more powerful when integrated with third-party apps such as CRM software. Adobe Sign provides integrations with many popular third parties, including Salesforce and Google Drive. These Adobe e-sign integrations allow you to bring in documents stored on third-party services, along with other benefits. For instance, Adobe Sign’s integration with Microsoft 365 lets you send documents for signatures directly from Microsoft Word, Outlook, or PowerPoint. Preparing a document to collect digital signatures is a simple process.

Pricing Structure

Adobe Sign offers two subscription types. There’s its Small Business subscription plan yearly subscription for each software license purchased on our website. You can buy up to nine licenses only. Companies wanting more licenses or advanced features can choose the Business and Enterprise subscription. The price varies depending on your business needs, so call or email us for a quote.

Adobe Sign usage is measured by the number of transactions made per year, per unit. To add on another consideration is the limit to the number of e-signature transactions allowed per year. Small Business plans have a cap of 150 annual transactions per user license.

Business and Enterprise subscriptions are capped based on what’s purchased with the plan. If you anticipate a high volume of transactions per year, Adobe Sign offers pricing on a per-transaction basis.

System Requirements

The following system requirements apply to Adobe Sign (formerly Adobe Document Cloud eSign services or Adobe EchoSign).

Adobe Sign Features requires a web browser for signature collection and management. Supported browsers can be found on Adobe’s System Requirements page.

Integration with Adobe Acrobat requires Acrobat DC to be installed on your computer or mobile device. Requirements for Acrobat DC can be found on Adobe’s Acrobat System Requirements page.

A separate Acrobat Pro DC or Creative Cloud license is required to install Acrobat on your device.

Getting Started ?

  • Having seen how you and your organisation can benefit from using e-signatures, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.
  • Submit a request for your Adobe Sign license
  • Check out  Adobe Sign tutorials
  • Contact us for assistance
  • We also offer tailored tutorials tailored for your business.

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