Sinterit Lisa Pro – SLS Desktop 3D Printer

Product Highlights

  • High precision printing.
  • Builtin nitrogen chamber.
  • Possibility of using 3rd party powders.
  • No calibration needed after delivery.
  • Bigger print volume: 316 [mm] (12.4 [in]) diagonally.
  • Plug-and-play: no calibration needed.
  • 150 x 200 x 260 [mm] (5.9 x 7.9 x 10.2 [in])
  • XY accuracy from 0.05 [mm] (0.002 [in])
  • Sinterit Studio 2019 Open included
  • Delivery | 30 Days
  • 1 Year Warranty.


Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D Printer | Benchtop SLS 3D printer for industrial quality and bigger prints.

The Sinterit Lisa Pro is a benchtop SLS 3D printer capable of producing industrial, high-quality prints. This comes in a new larger build space and a Nitrogen Chamber enabling the ability to experiment with. Within its chambers, a powdered material such as Polyamide 11 & 12 or TPE is heated up and turned into a solid mass with a concentrated laser beam. Furthermore, using a laser system to sinter a bed of powdered material, SLS enables users to additively manufacture parts that are not only highly accurate but also durable and movable.


Suitable for all industries.

Used for product design and development and manufacturing in the fields of robotics, engineering, architecture, fashion, art, and entertainment.  Because of its compact size and capabilities, the Sinterit Lisa Pro and its smaller companion the Sinterit Lisa are rapidly becoming the leading choice for colleges and universities as well. LS is one of the most advanced processes for polymer-based AM. With the new 3D printing materials: Flexa Grey, a powder with improved flexibility properties; and PA 11, which offers superior chemical and temperature resistance. The two new materials join Sinterit’s growing range of SLS powders, which includes Nylon PA12, Flexa Black, and TPU. Of course, with Lisa 2’s nitrogen tank, users are free to work and experiment with new materials.

In conclusion, this SLS benchtop 3D printer is an affordable and trustworthy option. Whether you are a designer or engineer, Sinterit Lisa Pro is the perfect choice for industrial SLS printing.

Additional information

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 69 × 50 × 88 cm
Lisa Pro Technical Features
Dimension 690 x 500 x 880 mm
Weight 90 kg
PA – max. print volume 90 x 130 x 230 mm
Flexa/TPE – max. print volume 110 x 150 x 250 mm
XY accuracy 0.05 mm (50 microns)
The layer height Z (min – max) 0.075 mm – 0.175 mm
Material compatibility Polyamide 12, Polyamide 11, Flexa, TPE, others
Version Sinterit Studio 2019
Supported file types stl, obj, 3ds, fbx, dae, 3mf
OS compatibility Windows
Heating system
Max. temperature in the chamber 200° C
Power supply 220-240 [V] AC, 50/60 [Hz], 7 [A]
100-130 [V] AC, 50/60 [Hz], 15 [A]
Average consumption 1000 W
Maximum consumption 1800 W


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