Media Encoder


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  • Media Encoder workflows
  • Working with media
  • Encoding QuickStart
  • Encoding and exporting


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Deliver brilliant video content for web, broadcast and cinema with Media Encoder CC. Tight integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC provides a seamless output work ow, and Media Encoder includes handy presets for a wide range of formats. Background encoding means you can keep working while your files are rendered.

Adobe Media Encoder functions as an encoding engine for your favourite tools. You can also use Adobe Media Encoder as a stand- alone encoder.


Assumed Knowledge

A basic to intermediate knowledge of yours OS and basic editing knowledge.

Each student on this Course will receive:

  • Certificate of completion
  • 12 months FREE email support
  • FREE class repeat (if necessary)
  • Course Notes/Slides

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Introduction to Media Encoder workflows

■ The Media Encoder workflow ■ The Media Encoder interface ■ Setting keyboard shortcuts ■ Match Source presets ■ Exporting Closed Caption data ■ Import and export of Avid DNxHD assets ■ Updated MPEG-2 exporters ■ Enhancements to SurCode for Dolby Digital audio codec ■ Closer integration with After Effects ■ Other changes

Working with media

■ Adding movies to your queue ■ Using the Preset Browser ■ Creating and saving a new preset ■ Setting up a Watch Folder ■ Setting the encode range

Encoding QuickStart

■ Overview of Adobe Media Encoder ■ Encoding quick start ■ Using the Preset Browser ■ Add and manage items in the encoding queue ■ File formats supported for import ■ Working with log les ■ About video and audio encoding and compression ■ Default keyboard shortcuts ■ Compression tips ■ File formats supported for export ■ Preferences ■ Keyboard shortcuts

Encoding and exporting

■ Sync preferences and settings ■ Using the GoPro CineForm codec in After Effects ■ Export settings reference ■ Custom presets ■ Encode and export video and audio ■ Managing the media cache database


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