InDesign CC Advanced


Product Highlights

  • Advanced Objects and Styles
  • Managing Long Documents
  • Multimedia & Interactivity
  • InDesign & XML
  • Cross Media Exporting
  • Preparing for Hand off to a Service Provider
  • Managing Assets
  • Installing and Accessing Scripts
  • Inline Frames and Anchored Objects
  • Working with GREP
  • Working with other Suite Applications




Master all aspects of desktop publishing using Adobe InDesign.Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Adapt InDesign page layouts for different page sizes, devices, and orientations more efficiently—without sacrificing pixel-perfect control over design and typography. Integrate with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite* to publish to tablets easily. The tool works seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, providing a single integrated design environment that doesn’t interrupt your creative process.


Who Should Attend

This is for professionals seeking the fastest, easiest and most comprehensive way to learn the product. This course is intended for graphic designers, small business owners, creative professionals, print professionals, publishers, prepress professionals, and marketing communications professionals.

Assumed Knowledge

Before taking this InDesign CC training course, you should have a basic understanding of the programme, Introduction to InDesign CC class or equivalent experience.

Each student on this InDesign CC Advanced Course will receive:

Adobe certificate of completion

12 months FREE email support

FREE class repeat (if necessary)

Course Notes/Slides

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Indesing CC Banner Training

Advanced Objects

■ Create and Use Snippets ■ Create and Use Anchored Objects ■ Creating Libraries

Advanced Styles

■ Create & Use Object Styles ■ Create & Use Nested Styles ■ Nested line styles ■ Create & Use Table & Cell Styles

Managing Long Documents

■ Sectioned Documents ■ Creating & Printing Books ■ Insert Footnotes ■ Format Footnotes ■ Table of Contents ■ Indexing ■ Using Data Merge ■ Data merge output to PDF ■ Conditional text

Multimedia & Interactivity

■ Importing Video, Flash & Sound Files ■ Media panel and Timing panel ■ The Animation panel and motion presets ■ Object States panel and Preview panel ■ Creating buttons ■ Creating Bookmarks & Hyperlinks ■ Convert URLs to hyperlinks command ■ Applying Actions ■ Page transitions in PDF and SWF files

Indesign & XML

■ Structuring InDesign Documents with XML ■ Importing & Integrate XML ■ Apply XML Tags to Objects ■ Mapping Styles to imported XML

Cross Media Exporting

■ Exporting to XML ■ Export to Dreamweaver/HTML ■ Export to Flash (SWF & FLA) ■ Export to Interactive PDF ■ Creating ePub documents ■ Preparing documents for tablets

Preparing for Hand off to a Service Provider

■ Exploring Colour Management ■ Printing with Transparency ■ Transparency Flattener Styles ■ Output preview ■ Proof Setup ■ Fixing Fonts and Image Links ■ Separations & Colour Separation Print Settings ■ Trapping ■ Exporting PDF/X ■ Live preflight ■ Packaging Files ■ Saving for previous versions ■ Document installed fonts

Managing Assets

■ View Assets with Adobe Bridge ■ Apply Metadata and Keywords to Assets in Adobe Bridge ■ Set Options for the Creative Suite Colour Settings

Installing and Accessing Scripts

■ Preparing InDesign for InCopy Workflow (optional) ■ Using InCopy Plug-ins in InDesign ■ Creating Assignments ■ Exporting content to InCopy ■ Using the Assignments Palette ■ Using Notes ■ Tracking Changes

Inline Frames and Anchored Objects

■ Creating an Inline Frame ■ Inline Frames and Leading ■ Creating Hanging Indents ■ Creating Above Line Objects ■ Creating Anchored Objects

Working with GREP

■ Using GREP to remove unwanted characters and spacings ■ Using GREP to format repetitive categories of text

Working with other Suite Applications

■ Importing Illustrator and Photoshop Layers ■ Showing Layers ■ Layer Comps ■ Update Link Options


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