Illustrator CC Basic


Product Highlights

  • Getting to know the Workspace
  • Illustrator Essentials
  • Adding Color
  • Using Live Paint
  • Working with the Drawing Tools
  • Working with Text
  • Working with Symbols
  • Saving and Exporting
  • What’s New



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Who Should Attend

Creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest and most comprehensive way to learn Illustrator CC. Learning Adobe Illustrator is a must for graphic designers, illustrators, and marketing professionals. Designers who need to use Adobe Illustrator to create illustrations, logos, advertisements or other graphic documents.

Assumed Knowledge

Before taking this Illustrator training course, you should have a basic understanding of your computers operating system. For example; you should know how to launch an application, create and save files, and copy files from a USB pen drive and other media.

Each student on this Photoshop Advanced Course will receive:

Adobe certificate of completion

12 months FREE email support

FREE class repeat (if necessary)

Course Notes/Slides

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Getting to know the Workspace

■ Choosing a workspace ■ Opening a le ■ The document window ■ Using Artboards ■ Navigating multiple artboards ■ Using the new Artboards panel ■ Creating New Artboards ■ Switching screen modes ■ Changing your view ■ Preview versus Outlines ■ Zooming and scrolling ■ Scrolling with the Hand tool ■ Changing views with the Navigator panel ■ The Tools panel ■ Using tools and panels ■ The Control panel ■ Moving the Control panel ■ Panel groups and the dock ■ Custom workspaces ■ Saving workspaces ■ Using the Manage Workspaces dialog box

Illustrator Essentials

■ Using the shape tools ■ Repositioning and visually resizing the rectangle ■ Finding or changing the shape’s dimensions using the Transform panel ■ Rotating and shearing using the Transform panel ■ Constraining a shape ■ Entering exact dimensions ■ Selecting artwork ■ Helpful keyboard shortcuts for selections ■ The selection tools ■ Using shape and transform tools to create artwork ■ Using the transform tools ■ Adding a ll color ■ Viewing in Outline view ■ Using layers when building an illustration ■ Creating a new blank layer ■ Cutting and pasting objects ■ Moving objects from one layer to another

Adding Color

■ Basics of the Appearance panel ■ Changing colors ■ Adding Effects ■ Creating a colorful illustration

Using Live Paint

■ Adding a symbol to your artwork ■ Expanding the symbol ■ Saving swatches ■ What is a Global Color? ■ Selecting the Same color ■ Saving a set of colors as a group ■ Creating a color group from selected colors ■ Using the Color panel ■ Adding Pantone colors

Working with the Drawing Tools

■ Working with the Pen tool ■ Drawing straight lines ■ Drawing curved lines ■ Drawing hinged curves ■ Drawing curved lines to straight lines ■ Drawing straight lines to curved lines ■ Shape Tools ■ Using the Eraser tool ■ Editing existing paths ■ Adding and removing points ■ Cutting and joining paths ■ Working with Live Trace ■ Expanding Live Traced artwork ■ Working with Live Paint ■ Combining shapes using the new Shape Builder tool ■ Subtracting with the Shape Builder tool

Working with Text

■ Formatting type ■ Paragraph formatting ■ Formatting imported type ■ Paragraph and character styles ■ Text on a path ■ Warping text ■ Text in a shape ■ Creating outlines ■ Check spelling ■ Find and Replace

Working with Symbols

■ Cleaning out the symbol library ■ Creating symbols ■ Editing symbols ■ Importing a symbol library ■ Using the symbol sprayer tools ■ Editing nested symbols ■ Replacing symbols

Saving and Exporting

■ Saving using the AI le format ■ Saving an illustration with layers ■ Saving a layered PDF ■ Integration with other applications ■ Saving as EPS ■ Save for Web

What’s New

■ Getting into perspective ■ De ning the grid ■ Changing the plane ■ Using the Perspective Selection tool ■ Creating shapes with the ■ Shape Builder tool ■ To combine shapes ■ To delete shapes ■ To divide overlapping shapes ■ New Brush Controls ■ Advanced drawing controls ■ Artboard panel ■ Touch Type Tool ■ Images in Brushes ■ Font Search ■ Font Sync ■ Multiple- le place ■ CSS Extraction ■ Colour Sync ■ Area and Point Type Converion ■ File packaging ■ On-art free transform


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