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Creative Master Class

Creative Funk meets Masterclass. Our combined competencies and expertise of creative workflows will surely help in your day-to-day creative growth. From retouching techniques, Infographics master class, or Cross Media Design; we’ve got you covered. Enhance your learning curve, powered by MSD & FRCI.

Module 2 Retouching Techniques
26 MAY 2021

Module 1 : The professional retoucher’s, checklist
Module 2 : Optimizing your Photoshop settings
Module 3 : Working with RAW
Module 4 : High end retouching techniques
Module 5 : Reshaping facial features

Module 3 From Print to web interactive publishing with InDesign
30 June 2021

Module 1: Exploring e-Publishing workflows
Module 2: Cross Media design considerations
Module 3: ePub step-by-step
Module 4: Interactive experiences – Important considerations that will save you time and money
Module 5: The evolution of animation and other interactive feature

Module 4 Infographics Master class
28 July 2021

Module 1: Infographics principles
Module 2: Designing compelling infographics and charts
Module 3: Defining compelling Infographic Styles
Module 4: Sourcing good ideas
Module 5: Infographics publishing considerations

Module 5 Adobe & Animation Strategy for 2021 and Beyond
25 August 2021

Module 1 : Advanced After Effects workflows
Module 2 : Character Animator
Module 3 : Creating materials using Adobe Capture
Module 4 : Adobe Dimension

Module 6 : Design Principles
29 September 2021

Module 1 : The must-know design principles
Module 2 : Visual Communication Design Elements
Module 3 : Principles of layout
Module 4 : Exploring typographic influences
Module 5 : Photographic composition


CREATIVE FUNK Retouching Techniques

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2 reviews for Creative Master Class

  1. 5 out of 5

    Neil Joubert

    First session i had trouble connecting, eventually connected, woow quite interesting how we have been stuck doing tasks the old way. Thank you we looking forward to more of these.

  2. 4 out of 5


    So after the latest Acrobat update (Version 2021.001.20138) I am experiencing a problem with my Indesign PDF exports. If I export one file at a time, I don’t have this problem, but when I export a full book (as I’ve always done for years – with the same options, and same kind of books), I get a PDF file with a very low image quality. I have tried to change the export options but the result is always the same. Can anyone assist?

    • Neil Joubert

      What exact version of InDesign are you using on what operating system, are you using the correct PDF export settings?

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