How 3D Printed facemasks can help during COVID-19

How 3D Printed facemasks can help during COVID-19

The entire world, including Africa, is dealing with COVID-19 pandemic. During these difficult situations, people have to ensure their own safety against the virus. However, the facilities available for the people to ensure their protection against the virus are not abundantly available. Face masks is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact.

Due to the lack of surgical grade face masks, some of the people tend to wear face masks that are made out of clothing. These face masks are not in a position to provide enhanced protection against the virus. That’s where Creality users around the world have come up with a great initiative to offer 3D printed face masks for the people in need. As Zaivan we are basically asking all the people around the country with 3D printers to join our project to create face shields for hospitals and other health workers.

The face shields have not been formally approved in other countries however the 3D printed face masks are in a position to provide utmost protection to people against the coronavirus. In fact, these face masks are in a position to act as a shield against the virus. Due to lightweight design, people will not come across any major issues at the time of wearing a 3D printed face mask for a longer period of time as well. It will provide a convenient experience for the wearers

In a current interview on radio 702 Cornelius Johannes Van Der Steenhoven from RUAH movement explains how users with 3D printers can join the movement on their WhatsApp group. This movement offers the 3D printed face masks for frontline health workers in hospitals, who play a major role against the coronavirus. It can provide a helping hand for the frontline health workers to treat the patients who are infected with the virus while ensuring their own protection.

Shortage of PPE is not just limited to Africa, but also to many other countries out there in the world, including the United States. Hence, it is the high time to take a look at these alternatives. They will be able to deliver the helping hand needed for the hospital industry to survive against the virus. There’s no time to wait and we need to go ahead with using such alternatives as soon as possible. That’s because the virus is spreading faster than we think. Due to the same reason, it is the high time to pay attention to this new initiative that Creality has come up with.

We offer a wide range of Creality printers and the company has maintained a strong reputation for offering the highest quality 3D printed products for people in need. Along with the coronavirus crisis, the experts at Creality noticed the struggle that people go through in order to gain access to 3D printed face masks. That’s where they came up with the decision to 3D print face masks and provide the protection needed by people.

Click here for some printing files:  Creality Mask | Googles

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